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Development of a film is a long, arduous journey. There are no shortcuts, no easy ways to bring one book, let alone three books to life. From development to initial funding, from pre-production to shooting, we will call upon you, the Ben Bova fans to help make this film possible.

We need your inspiration, your support, even your guidance from time to time as we make decisions about how to best represent Mars, Return to Mars, and Mars Life in film.

In return, we will provide you with advance segments of the movie script, behind the scenes photos from locations and sets, and sneak previews of early director’s cuts.

If you complete this form, you will be added to our Mailchimp list. This is a private list. Your name and email will never, ever be given nor sold to anyone. It is for the sole purpose of our staying in touch with you, in order that we may provide updates and at times, ask for your support.

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